Scaling the Mesh Prefab in Meshing Example


I used the mesh prefab provided in the examples to visualize the detected meshes in my spatial map and it works fine. However, for my use-case I kind of need to scale up this mesh prefab to create an accurate navigation graph for the mesh. Now, if the prefab is scaled (I set the scale to 10,10,10 on the inspector), the spatial map is not being generated accurately. I am not sure if the scaling affects anything? How can this be fixed?

This is how it looks when the prefab is not scaled up:

And if i scale it up it looks like this:

Hi @Zul01
Welcome to the forums, I would be happy to help you figure out a solution to your problem here. I have a few questions, could you please let me know what device OS, SDK, and Unity editor versions you are using? Also could you elaborate on why you need to scale up the mesh prefab?
Thank you,


Basically I was trying to generate a pathfinding graph for the meshes being generated dynamically and I couldn’t visualize any graphs on the mesh prefab. It works now after experimenting with the density and other parameters.

On another note, I wanted to ask if it’s possible to reduce the amount of mesh blocks generated for large surfaces like the floor for example. Instead of generating multiple meshes, is it possible to just create a single mesh to cover the entire floor so as to avoid performance overhead?

Your solution may be to use the Plane Detection.