When moving in the Meshing scene in the Magic Leap 2 Example, the mesh disappears

I have one question.
The MLSpatialMapper prefab that was provided in Magic Leap 1 was not included in the Unity package for Magic Leap 2 or Magic Leap 2 Example.
I decided to create a Magic Leap 2 version of Prefab like MLSpatialMapper in Magic Leap 1 and I checked the Meshing of the Example with ZI to make sure it works.

As you can see in the video below, once the mesh around the camera is generated, as you move the camera, the meshes away from the camera's periphery disappear one after another.

In the MLSpatialMapper of Magic Leap 1, it seems that meshes away from the camera remain intact.

Is there any way to preserve the meshes that are off-camera in Magic Leap 2?

Unity Editor version : 2020.2.0b4.2768
ML2 OS version :
MLSDK version : 0.53.2

Sadao Tokuyama

I have also used the ML2 Meshing and think this may have to do with the bounded extents size. The Meshing example script in Unity has 2 Vector3 settings: "Bounded Extent Size" and "Boundless Extent Size". Also This same script has a bool called: "Bounded".

  1. I would try unchecking the bool "bounded" if not already unchecked.
  2. If results are still not up to your standard you may try to increase the size of the "Boundless Extent Size" that you are using.

Just to clarify these Extents are just a defined space around the headset/camera in which the mesh scan data will be stored and shown on the device. So if you want to scan, store, and show all mesh data around you regardless of how far away you are you just need to set the extent to a very large number in theory. Of course I imagine that would be very poor on performance and highly unrecommended.