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Is it possible to use OpenXR with Unity, testing the app on the app sim? I noticed that there was a deprecation notice, but how do people without headsets test their applications now unless they opt to use MLSDK?

Application Simulator does not support OpenXR at this time. We are working on adding support for simulation through the OpenXR API in future releases. If you are able to provide more detail about your development process I can submit your feedback to our voice of customer team. Are you using a Mac or PC ? Are there specific features that you need or would like to have? Are you using MRTK or XRI?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply and the info!

I'm working on an industrial solution using the ML2 and decided it would be best to use OpenXR as it seems to be replacing MLSDK. I'm using an Intel Mac right now but my team has largely M1 Macs. The process to set up MLSDK on my device was honestly really straightforward, but it was honestly a bit confusing trying to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of developing with Unity OpenXR vs. Unity MLSDK, Unreal, Native, etc. The documentation doesn't really seem to provide much info about the pros and cons of each method, which left us slightly confused.

We're a small team and plan to develop using the app sim before spending the money on an ML2.

My team doesn't really care about which engine and environment we use to develop our product, we just hope OpenXR gets simulator support as it seems MLSDK won't get many more future updates. We understand that OpenXR allows creators to migrate projects from ML2 to other headsets with ease, but this honestly seems more difficult than it's intended to be. As far as MRTK vs XRI goes, I'll have to check back with my team members. We really just want to be able to develop using OpenXR without physically owning the headset.

Thank you for your response. I have submitted your feedback to our voice of customer team. One more question, has your team use ARFoundation in the past? Are there any particular subsystems (Planes, Meshing, Camera, Occlusion, Anchors etc) you would like to see us support?

With all the updates promoting OpenXR is the future, it would be really helpful if App Simulator compatibility was noted right away with these releases.

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Any update on this topic?

Is it working with the 1.7.0 OS update?

Currently, we do not have support for using the App Simulator when developing OpenXR applications.