MRTK3 hand visualization trouble

Hey all,
Me and my colleague are developing a unity app for ML2 using MRTK3. Naturally we use git version control (with Github).
The problem is that while it works perfectly fine on my machine, when my colleague is building an APK from his machine hands are not functional: Hand rays are unavailable, hand meshes are not visualized an so on.

We are building an apk from the exact same scene. In addition all the MRTK settings and permissions seems to be the same on the Project settings window. I suspect it is a problem in some of the settings that are ignored by the gitignore file on version control but I don't know where to begin.

the following stats are also the same for both machines:
Unity Editor version: 2022.3.16f1
ML2 OS version: 1.4.0-dev2
MLSDK version: 1.4.0
ML MRTK 3: 1.0.0-pre5
Host OS: Windows

If anyone has stumbled upon a similar problem I would appreciate the help.
Regards, Gal

Can you try building the MRTK 3 Magic Leap template project. You can also compare the git ignore files. GitHub - magicleap/MixedRealityToolkit-Unity at mrtk3_MagicLeap2

Do you know if you are both using the same version of the OS? Is the Magic Leap SDK referenced through a registry or a local package?

hey @kbabilinski , sorry for the late response. Our solution was that my collegue has simply re-cloned the repository. We still don't know what was the difference between our projects but it works fine now.
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