MLHub Device Stream no longer working

Hi, I can't seem to get device stream to work on the new ML Hub!

These are the logs / errors I get when launching normally (I'm on an M1 Mac, Monterey)
MLHub_log4j.txt (47.6 KB)

If I launch with arch -x86_64 /Applications/ML\ ML Hub crashes with this error log:
Error_when_x86.txt (111.0 KB)

On device I'm on the home screen and OS version Build: B3E.220818.12-R.085 SDK Version 29 . My ML Hub is the one from the September release (not the old The Lab)

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Please upload the zip file that contains the complete diagnostics logs. See the steps below:

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The MLHub used to crash for me on the Mac. Now with the latest MLHub as of yesterday it doesn't crash but gives a new error

Device Stream is unavailable.

  • gstreamer support not installed for this OS: com.magicleap.gstreamer.macosx(?:_(.*))?
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@rscanlo2 Is this an M1 MacBook?

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It occurs on both an iMac Pro (2017) and a Mac Studio M1.

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@rscanlo2 , it is advised for you to completely uninstall/remove the ML Hub from Applications, then download anew and install from scratch. Let me know if that helps?

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@sengelman , this worked in the iMac Pro. I will have to try the same process later on the Mac Studio M1. Thanks for the help.

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