Magic Leap Hub’s Device Stream Issue - Recorded video saving failure

ML2 OS: 1.1.0
ML Hub: ML Hub Version
ML2 Unity SDK: 1.3.0
Device Stream settings: MR - 1080p - rtsps - 9:10 - UDP over Wi-Fi

After 2h video recording and streaming of MR via the ML2 device, the ML hub suddenly crash down without saving the video and the content was lost.

Thank you for your post @filo.cino. Please post error logs from the Magic Leap Hub if you are able. This would best help us understand the issue.

Here are the logs from the device of interest (21.2 KB)

Thank you for the logs @filo.cino. From the logs it appears you were generating an mp4 file, in which case there is a memory limit dependent on the host computer running ML Hub.

This is because GStreamer is building an index table in memory, which grows continuously until the recording is stopped, at which time the recording is written to the mp4 file.

However, there's no memory limit if streaming live to a device/screen and not generating an mp4 file.

How can I avoid this kind of error to occur when generating an mp4 file on a long time session? Do you suggest to stop and save the video every 2-5 min?

You may intermittently save the video according to the memory size of the host computer running Magic Leap Hub, or increase the memory resources of the host computer.