Magic Leap With Unity Betas Fail To Recognize JDK/SDK/NDK/Graddle (Fixed)

Hello everyone !

I spent honestly too many hours trying to find out why I kept getting "You are missing the recommended version JDK|SDK|NDK|Graddle" for each of the android components under external tools and it honestly drove me nuts.

It turns out that my Windows 10 Antivirus was blocking something during the Unity Installation of the Android modules, the installation was always successful but when I was creating a project > switching to android > then going to external tools then all I saw were the missing messages above.

So if that happens to you be sure to disable your "Virus & Thread protection Settings" during the installation / or project creation just in case then enable it back.

Hopefully this saves you all the hours I spent :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone !


Also couple of more things:

If you already installed Unity I recommend uninstalling it, disable the "Virus & Thread protection Settings" then installing the beta version again with android modules and create your project.

I think the issue is during installation but to be safe keep it disable during project creation, then go back and enable the "Virus & Thread protection Settings".


@dilmer It would be nice if we could build it and have an apk file, right?

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@tokufxug we can now :wink:

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In rare cases, reinstalling Unity does not solve the problem.
In that case, you can download the SDK/NDK using AndroidStudio or other software and manually configure the reference settings to solve the problem.


I encountered a similar issue—kept getting errors that I didn't have correct JDK or Android SDK when trying to build for Android. Reinstalling Unity did not fix the issue, but installing the directories manually from external sources did. Here is a summary.


  • Building seems to require JDK v11.0.14, not the JDK v8 that is installed via Unity HUB when you install the Android modules with Unity 2022.2.0b4
  • Building seems to require an Android SDK folder that has cmdline-tools installed, rather the Android SDK which does not have cmdline-tools that is installed via Unity HUB when you install the Android modules with Unity 2022.2.0b4


I set my external references to these and the local build on my machine worked.