Android SDK not found

I get these errors every time unity recompiles. The app sim still works and everything seems to be working fine but it keeps yelling at me.

I checked the logs.

Its looking at an old path that no longer exists. I recently updated Unity and deleted the old version but somewhere is still pointing at the old path.


Unity Editor version: 2022.2.11
ML2 OS version:
MLSDK version: 1.2.0-dev1
Host OS: (Windows)

Thanks for your post @nathan. Please close Unity and delete your Library folder, then reopen the project. Please let me know if that unblocks you.

Nope, done that multiple times so far today for various reasons. Still getting errors and this is its most recent log... Which is still pointing at the path that no longer exists. That path is being stored somewhere I just don't know where.

Hi @nathan, thank you for reporting this issue. I informed the App Simulator Team, and they will look into it.

If you are using The Magic Leap Hub to start App Simulator, you can safely remove the package from your project to avoid the errors. The com.magicleap.appsim package is only required if you plan to use the in-editor windows.

If you need the package the com.magicleap.appsim package in your project, you can resolve the errors by toggling Android SDK Tools installed with Unity (recommended) to off and setting the SDK path manually.