Magic Leap 1 End-of-life and ability to compile and run own apps?

Hi there.

I am a long-time Magic Leap 1 user / developer. There is the announcement of the ML1 end of life support at the end of 2024.

We still have NO definitive answer, if it will be still able to continue to develop, compile and run our own apps on our hardware.

I and some other people working the theatre field have hardware of Magic Leap 1 in the value of 120.000 Euro in total. So any answer on this would be very appreciated!

Why I ask in this ML2-forums? Because Magic Leap also took a lot of steps, to let all ML1 just vanish.

Hi @nodepond,
you can find the official answers to many questions at
but some relevant sections are:

Will my Magic Leap 1 continue to function after December 31, 2024?
On December 31, 2024, cloud services for Magic Leap 1 will no longer be available, core functionality will reach end-of-life and the Magic Leap 1 device and apps will cease to function.

What does cease to function mean?
When cloud services are disabled, Magic Leap 1 Device Manager, Private App Sharing, and Backup and Restore services will no longer function; and developer and publishing app certificates can no longer be renewed or created which will prevent app installations and updates. Additionally, Magic Leap 1 devices require annual re-authentication and since Magic Leap Identity services will be shut down, users will not be able to re-authenticate.