Tips for porting Magic Leap 1 apps to 2?


We are trying to get our Magic Leap 1 app running on the 2, but of course after updating Unity to 2022, swapping out the Magic Leap SDK and updating the XR plugin, we have a ton of compiler errors and it looks like everywhere that we touched the SDK will need to be updated and essentially rewritten.

Does anyone have any tips for getting our app ported quicker, other than... "fix the errors" :slight_smile: Is there a handy 1 -> 2 cheat sheet, or maybe some magical wrapper that can interpret the syntax of all my old calls?

Any and all suggestions welcome!


Hi @david.addis,

We have a list of changed and unsupported Unity APIs here, Controller changes here, Head tracking changes here, and several other guide entries on migration from ML1 to ML2 if you search "ML1" in the search bar on the documentation portal.

That's great, thank you.