Localization while app open

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Unity Editor version: 2022.2.0
ML2 OS version:
Version 1.2.0-dev2
Build B3E.230302.12-R.024
Android API Level 29
MLSDK version: 1.4.0
Host OS: MacOS

I got localization and anchors working so persistence between sessions is happening. Great! But I noticed that if I start the app quickly after turning on the device (such that it doesn't have enough time to localize before the app opens) then then it seems to stop trying while the app is open. In the app, I repeatedly query localization status and it doesn't change. But if I restart the app or wait to open the app, it works.

This makes me suspicious that no localization activity is happening while the app is open. Does it refresh its understanding while the app is open? The behavior I would expect would be for the localization to continue in the background while apps are running so we don't have to tell customers to wait an indeterminate amount of time before opening the app and hoping localization has already happened.

A few other questions/issues:
Every time I push an update to the app and look for anchor ids that were saved in previous sessions, the app can't find them. Are the anchors associated with a particular app build? How can I change that to persist beyond builds?

Hi @logan Yes localization should update while the app is running. If you can post Diagnostic Logs we may be able to better see why that's not happening in your implementation.

For your second issue: Anchors are associated with the space. Please ensure you are A) creating and localizing into a space, B) creating and publishing the anchor, and C) localizing back into that space. Following these steps, you should be seeing them regardless of app build.

One other thing: please check the expiry for each anchor. the default that’s set in the examples is 300 seconds. You can set it to a long expiry time to persist it for a longer period.

Please let me know if this unblocks you.