Spatial markers are gone

Hi folks,

I don't understand spatial mapping functionality yet -
so I use 'spaces' to scan my environment and save it locally -
if I then start my Unity app, Unity will look (automatically?)
if it's identify one of the 5 local saved spaces?

If I use the Unity-samplescene "anchors", I can place anchors - marked as 'not persistent -
so if I restart the device, all anchors are gone. For sure the target of spatial environments
would be, you see the anchors inside the environment again at the exact same position,
if you restart that app a week later?

What is my mistake? Or isn't it working the way like I think it should?

Many thanks!

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@pepone You will need to open the Spaces app and select the space you want to localize into. You can also do this via an android intent.

You can try to localize into a space if you know the ID, see this example for more information.

Or open the spaces app replacing the intent ID from this example to : com.magicleap.intent.action.MAPPING_TOOL

Thanks, but the example script at IntentExample gives me an error:

Assets\IntentExample.cs(44,13): error CS0103: The name 'currentActivity' does not exist in the current context
--> so currentActivity. is not defined :frowning:

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Thank you for the heads up, we will have the example fixed immediately. For now, please replace line 53 with the following :
currentActivityObject.Call("startActivityForResult", intentObject, 0);