Issues following the factory reset of the device

Hello everyone! My team is encountering issues following the factory reset of the device. The errors that have arisen are as follows:

-The device disconnects from the Magic Leap Hub after being idle. Specifically, in our case, the device needs to remain available all night; however, after some time, it disconnects from the WiFi bridge.
-While debugging the application remotely, we cannot see the files in the headset's filesystem from the Magic leap hub using remote desktop. Before the restart, we could list all files without any issues.
-Occasionally, building applications for the headset fails. Building errors disappear after restarting the Unity editor but reoccur randomly. It's worth mentioning that we are using the same build configuration as before, when it worked flawlessly every time.

@sfernandez let me know if you can help us with this issues. Thank you in advance!

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It sounds like your device might be going to sleep or standby. check your settings in Settings->Battery->Standby and Sleep.


It seems that resolved our issue. Thank you!

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