OS 1.3.0-dev(secure) wakeup issues


We are having problems using standby with a newly received Magic Leap 2 device.
The installed operating system version is 1.3.0-dev(secure).

The device automatically goes into standby mode and trying to wake it up does not work completely.
Controller input is not recognized, sometimes only one eye is rendered.
You then have to restart the device for it to work again.

We have now disabled standby mode on the device, which seems to fix the issues.
It also looks like the device runs hotter with this OS version. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @rp1 ,

Can you provide logs for the device? They can be collected using these steps.

Hi @kvlasova ,
Thanks for the quick reply. I will try to collect them!

Great. Can you also let me know how many times it wakes from Doze normally versus rendering only one eye?