Is it possible to use 2 magic leap controllers on one device?

I am hoping to either use two IMU's or something of the same like, I would prefer to user the 6DOF controllers rather than a custom solution first though.

Hi @x11 ,
unfortunately no it is not possible to use 2 controllers on the same device. If you can elaborate on your use case perhaps we can offer some suggestions.

Thank you for that! I am part of a neuroscience lab looking at moving and thinking at the same time. We are looking at a way to track both hands with significant detail. While the hand tracking is a possibility we’ve found that the delay in scene using Unity at least has a delay large enough to influence the study.

So ultimately hoping to have fine tracking of hand control and interaction in scene.

I have a couple more questions to help me understand.
What do you mean by delay, like a lag in reported pose of the hand?
Are you trying to simply track pose of the hands?
And what other things have you tried, or is this the first pass at the problem?
Also, are you using the MLSDK or OpenXR?