Incompatibility between plugin and ML's custom engine

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Magic Leap SDK version: 1.5.0
Unreal Engine version: 5.3.2
ML2 OS version: 1.5.0

My team has been unable to build our project for the Magic Leap 2, seemingly because the ArcGIS Maps SDK plugin (v1.4.0) we are required to use is incompatible with the source build of Unreal Engine used by Magic Leap. I'd appreciate finding a way to make the plugin compatible, but in the short term I ideally need a way to build to the headset, or build an executable that we can remote render to the headset, without using the custom source build of the engine.

I will include our most recent build attempt, done on a test project, in case it can provide any additional insight.

UBT-.txt (884.6 KB)

Hi @gschugardt,

Welcome to the Magic Leap 2 Developer Forums. We are so grateful to have you here engaging with us.

Were you able to successfully build the examples without your plugin?



Yes, we did several test builds, including some of the examples and the basic HelloCube tutorial. Everything went correctly, except tests where the plugin was added.

Would it be possible to try a new build on a different device?

No worries if this is not possible. This may help us rule out other issues.



I have tried these builds on two devices: a Win10 desktop and a Win11 laptop. Neither build successfully.

Thank you for providing details here. I have reported this issue to our team and I will be sure to report back as we learn more.

Are you using any other plugins?



Here's the list of our currently in-use plugins

-Magic Leap OpenXR
-ArcGIS Maps SDK
-Meta XR (uninstalled)
-Visual Studio Integration Tool
-Plugin Builder
-Gameplay Message Router
-Enhanced Input

Thank you for providing this information.

We are looking into this issue. For a workaround, we recommend using Remote Rendering. It should work with most builds of UE that use Epic's OpenXR plugin. You would then not need to use the ML UE SDK or ML's UE fork of UE.

Here is a guide that does not use the ML UE SDK: Remote Rendering with Unreal Engine 5 | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Let me know if you have any questions.



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