How to open image file(jpg,png,..)

Is it possible to open and show image files in MagicLeap2? I'm moving any image files(jpg,png,..) to storage. Thumbnail of the files can be seen, but the files can't be opened.

Welcome to the forums @tonoma111. We appreciate you engaging with us here. Are you looking for a built-in image viewer similar to Apple's Preview software? Are you trying to create your own image viewer app?

Thank you for your response.

Apple's Preview software

Yes, that's correct. Actually, I'm not an application engineer. If viewer app has been published in somewhere, I would like to download it..

We're checking with our developers now to check for a built-in image preview software. If there is not, we would be happy to add that as a feature request for the Magic Leap 2 headset.



Thank you for your support.

The only way to view images currently is in the files app by double-pressing the trigger on the controller. We will let the team know about your request. Thanks for reaching out to us.



If you know specific "files app", could you please tell me? I will try it first.

@tonoma111 Please try the following:

  1. Open the Files application from the home menu.
  2. Using your controller navigate to an image inside your devices directory.
  3. Highlight over an image and press the trigger twice to open the image.
  4. If prompted, select Always on the Open With Gallery option

You can also select the image so a checkmark appears on the left hand side of the thumbnail, then select the 3 dots on the top right-hand side of the screen and select Open with. Then select the Gallery application.

Thank you for your support.
I could find only "Capture Review" by selecting Open with, and succeed in opening the image file(jpg, png).
Is "Capture Review" different from "Gallery option" you mentioned?

Also, is it possible to open the image files in full screen mode?

@tonoma111 we do not support opening images in full screen mode at this time, but I have sent your freedback to our voice of customer team. What version of the OS are you using?

Thank you for your support.
OS version is 1.3.0-dev1.
Build number is B3E.230427.10-R.023.