APK Installing via Web browser

As I understand it, there is no app store installed as part of the Magic Leap 2 OS. Therefore we need to get our app to our users via other means.

We want to put our APK on our website and allow users to download and install it via the web browser, much the same as the "Recommend Apps" you can access from the main menu.

For some reason though when we download our APK from our website, when double clicking it in the file browser it says "Can't Open File". Does the app need to be signed in some special way or something added to the AndroidManifest.xml?

The same apk will install fine via adb, so it's a valid APK.

Can you check Assist App, download it, and test?

The Assist App apk installs fine, which I why I think it must be related to signing or something special in AndroidManifest.xml (although I've compared the manifests and there doesn't appear to be any significant differences)

Hi @edd, thank you for your post. Can you please share the diagnostic logs? Our team will have a look what the issue is. Also is it debug/release apk? I spoke with our engineering team and it's hard to tell without a specific error message, there's many things it could possibly be.

I managed to solve it.

I was about to suggest I just send you the APK to test yourself. Before doing that I thought I'd check that it reproduces when I copy it onto the file storage via device bridge and found that it works correctly.

I then had a look at the Assist App download and noticed that it's mimetype application/vnd.android.package-archive and our apk was just set to application/octet-stream I changed that to match your app and it now downloads and installs on the device :muscle: