How do i create apk not mpk file?

I am trying to put a text file on my ML2 device. when i go to device bridge to load file it will only accept apk files. When i publish with lumin it will only create a mpk file not apk.

What am i doing wrong here?

Hello @janikows Magic Leap 2 only accepts apk packages. Please note this is different than Magic Leap 1, which accepts mpk's. It appears you're using Magic Leap 1 tools for your Magic Leap 2, which will not work.

To get set up with Magic Leap 2, follow these instructions: Getting Started Overview | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

You can install the latest Magic Leap Operating System and SDK from the Magic Leap Hub: The Magic Leap Hub | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Also this is the ADB command for file management: ADB Commands | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Please let me know if you run into any issues.