World's most Basic Question [fielded apk]

Have a Magic Leap 2! And I received an apk file to preview an app on the device. Have unity fully set-up as per all the instructions on getting started page.

How for the life of me do I just load an apk file? It seems like the least complex task ever yet, even running an incredibly simple search in the developer portal, does not yield a "How to take in outside APK as app to run on ML2" walkthrough. Where exactly is this guide?

In general, there feels like a lot of "boat-steps" to doing the most simple desired outcomes on ML2... And there are no walkthrough videos (either) posted to Magic Leap's YT channel that would easily streamline this process. This seems so painfully obvious to generate guided videos, at the bare minimum, to retain everyone's collective sanity. Also, what about purely ML2 hackathon!?

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@TKUnityDev you can install an APK on your device just as you would on an Android device (via adb) or using the Magic Leap Hub. To send files from your computer to the headset, you will need to enable developer mode by following these steps:

  1. On the Magic Leap 2 open Settings>About .
  2. Then scroll down and select the Build number rapidly 7 times.
  3. A popup message will appear when you are close to enabling the mode.
  4. Once enabled, go to the System settings in the Settings app, then select Developer options
  5. Then make sure USB debugging is enabled.

Using the Magic Leap Hub is the simplest way to install new APKs

  1. Download and install the Magic Leap Hub
  2. Connect your Magic Leap to your computer while wearing the headset
  3. You will see a notification asking to confirm your connection to your computer.
  4. After you accept, open Device Bridge in the Magic Leap Hub, then select Apps and finally Install App (More details here)
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