Flashing red lights with the Sept OS update

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ML2 OS version: B3E.220818.12-R.085

Error messages from logs (syntax-highlighting is supported via Markdown): N/A

Tried installing the latest update from the hub and the process seemed to go somewhat smoothly until it rebooted itself after flashing the images. The device had 3 flashing red LEDs for a bit (the ones that denoted a hardware error), then rebooted itself again. This time it showed a Magic Leap logo with a progress bar below it for a bit and then it sort of glitched out (the logo flashed different red/blue/green colors then disappeared) and now it just has this odd flashing/fluttering effect on the lenses like the darkening layer is cycling on/off really quickly.

Ok, correction, as I am typing this it rebooted again and now it has 3 flashing red lights again but instead of the center 3, it's the 3 on the right. That ended after a little while and went to the Magic Leap logo with the progress bar below it. Eventually that finished and i'm at the controller pairing screen. All seems normal for now, but I'm going to post this anyways in case other people see the same thing and get a bit freaked out that something went wrong.

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Reading this felt like reading someone's thoughts in real time. Thanks for the post, for discoverability! I'll mark this as resolved so people know to read your post to the end.

Yeah I had a (thankfully brief) moment of "uh oh, not again" going through my mind. Was that behavior expected?

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Expected? No, but we've seen it on occasion. My own recent testing, for example, did not uncover this issue, even though I've been previously made aware of it.


Ok just wanted to make sure it wasn't indicative of a larger issue and that it had been noted before. THANKS!!!

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