Discussion/Request for Cleanup Package import structure

It's great to get SDK updates with improvements, and I look forward to trying them out every time. But I don't look forward to the upgrading progress.

As it is now the way we import and upgrade ML SDK's and examples is a bit messy in my opinion.
Preferably I wouldn't need to open The Lab for anything else than the device OS (which is planned to become OTA anyways). It's a mess to download sdk's and examples through the lab and then manually moving them into the versioned project. The magic leap sdk should not be set in preferences (user unique settings) as the whole dev team should have the same environment versioned through git.

It's especially a mess if you have made any changes to the SDK yourself.

Get everything into a managed scope (or even better a git repo so we can fork, submodule, and diff our own custom changes when upgrading) and let dependencies resolve themselves. Also, make samples importable through the package manager.

Just a few issues I have had this morning;

  • Upgrading from 53.1 to 53.2 upgraded AR Foundation from 4.3.2 to 5.0.0 which trickled down a bunch of incompatibilities between other XR packages.
  • Also, changes such as "Renamed LuminUnity asmdef to MagicLeap.SDK." should probably be labeled as breaking changes and/or highlighted in the release notes / upgrade documentation.
  • There was no MRTK package upgrade but v0.53.2 changed touchpad input API breaking the sample scripts.

Let's discuss!

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Hi Munk,

Thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear that you had these troubles upgrading. Since the SDK is just becoming public, we were unable to publish the packages outside of The Lab. While we continue to make more of our software available publicly, consider embedding the Magic Leap SDK package inside your project's packages folder. This will to insure that the whole dev team is using the same version of the SDK.

Regarding breaking changes, I have noted your feedback and we will try to add a Breaking Changes section to the release notes. Note, we are working on streamlining the release process to include notes on how to upgrade and breaking changes.

MRTK - Our MRTK release has been delayed due to a bug and will be released ASAP.


I also shared this feedback with our Voice of Customer team so it can be shared internally


Perfect! I completely understand the fact it's all still preview, so happy to hear you'll take my feedback to the teams - that's all I was aiming for :slight_smile:

We already have the SDK packages as local version controlled packages with relative path to the project root, the issue is rather from my understanding everything in "project settings" is project specific settings, while everything in "Preferences" is up to the individual developer and is therefore ignored by git by default. Hence, while we can VC the ML SDK, we can't VC the path to the SDK - so a project folder structure cleanup would break the SDK link.

Let me know your thoughts on this :slight_smile:

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Believe me, @TheMunk . We're on the same page as you with version control and the directory of the SDK location, but this is outside the scope of Magic Leap to change as it is a part of the Unity engine's source code.


Damn - Unity not following their own patterns :´)

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