Device Bridge -> Wifi Bridge - "Connection Failed"

ML1 OS version: 0.98.35

The bug: In The Lab > Device Bridge, whenever I try to activate Wifi Bridge by pressing Connect, it attempts to connect for 30 seconds and then I get the error "Connection Failed" each time.

Extra Information: On the page it shows the correct wifi network that it's connected to and on the device itself internet connection is working properly. The device can connect to the PC via USB cable fine, but I am trying to switch to Wifi Bridge if possible because currently when the device is connected via USB, it's not able to charge the device at the same time of development. So I have to unplug it from the PC and replug to the power adapter and wait for it to charge for 1-2 hours before I can get back to development.

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Thank you for your post @utaysi. Let's get our Customer Care looped in here. May I ask you to fill out this form with your information so our engineers can take a look?

Closing this forum post here so our engineers can track the information in the form you submit. Thank you.

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