Device Bridge for Secondary User not working


I faced an issue with ML Hub Device Bridge today. I enabled multi-user, switch to the secondary user and made some screenshot.
I wanted to download those on my computer through Device Bridge, but the file explorer only shows data for the Owner and not the Secondary user.

Anything I missed there ?

As a workaround, I used an USB-C stick and was able to copy the screenshots there :slight_smile:

Hi @alan.birchmeier,

Thank you for reaching out regarding this issue. Could you please provide a few more details to help solve your issue?

Are you running the ML Hub on a MacOS or Windows device?

What version of the ML Hub are you using?

What version of the Magic Leap 2 OS are you running?



Hi @etucker

Here are more details:

  • Windows 11 Business 23H2 (OS Build 22631.3737)
  • Magic Leap HubVersion
  • ML OS Version 1.7.0
    Build B3E.240418.09-R.060
    Android API Level 29