Capturing images while using device stream on ML hub

Hey all!
I am developing a unity app for magic leap and i use the ML image capturing (my code logic is based on the ML examples project). I would like to record my sessions in the device stream but when using it camera capture is not working (while working perfectly when not using the device stream).
What can I do in order for image capture to work on device stream as well?


Only one application can access a given camera stream at a time. Currently only the main camera stream supports Mixed Reality Capture. Which means that your application cannot record this type of content when Device Stream is active.

That said, you can record the device stream session from the Magic Leap Hub by selecting the camera icon on the top toolbar. This method avoids trying to access the stream multiple times.

Thank you for your answer kbabilinski!
My app uses the images captured by the main camera for it's logic, not for recording purposes. I need the device stream mostly for play testing. Is there any way to record the session from the app itself and not from the device stream while also enabling snap shot capture?

If you need to capture Mixed Reality in only one of those streams, this can be done by targeting the CV Camera for the images and continue using the Main Camera stream for viewing or testing.

Alternatively, if you do not need to preview the device stream in real-time you can look at the 1.12.0 Unity SDK and Examples' Camera Capture Scene. This scene shows how to record the camera stream while showing a preview image of the recording.

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