Cannot upload files to ML2 after update

I cannot access the file system inside our ML2. After having to reload the OS, we need to move backed up files to their original location for one of our applications to work.

I tried following these step in this document:

  • Before you can use Device Bridge, ensure that these settings are enabled on your device:
    • Settings > Developer > Developer Mode <-- THIS IS OK
    • Settings > Developer > Enable MLDB Access <-- THIS DOES NOT EXIST

The second step (Enable MLDB Access) does not exist on the ML2 after updating to Version 1.2.0-dev, but am unsure if that is causing the problem.

I have provided permissions to the ML2 for USB debugging and i can see the file system inside MLH.

To duplicate, all i did was

  1. Go to Devide Bride
  2. Click Files
  3. Navigate to folder /storage/emulator
  4. Select Create Folder by clicking the gear icon.
- error: adb exited with code 1 stderr: mkdir: '/storage/emulated/newfolder': Permission denied
 - adb exited with code 1 stderr: mkdir: '/storage/emulated/newfolder': Permission denied

I'm looking to move files to that folder from my desktop. Thanks!

Magic Leap 2 PMF012
Version 1.2.0-dev2
Build B3E.230302.12-R.024
Android API Level 29

Good afternoon, I just wanted to follow up to see if anyone had any tips or hints to help get access to our device’s file directory using the MLH?

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@andrewg Forgive the mistake, mldb doesn't exist/isn't relevant for ML2. You can ignore this step.

Are you wearing the headset when you try and access the Device Bridge? A pop-up will come up asking if you will allow USB Debugging.

I ended up figuring it out... it looks like everything was rel links, so i was able to hunt down the actual location for the files. looks like that area i was hunting for is a reserved area for ML. We can probably close this as "user error". :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update @andrewg. Best of luck on your project.