Dark Circle that will hide real world objects behind it

I have a sprite with a dark circle in the center. It will occlude other virtual objects in the world but it will not block out objects in my real world. How do i get that dark circle to obstruct the view of real world objects?

Hi @janikows,

Are you just trying to occlude part of the world using segmented dimming?



Ill try that thanks! I think its what i may need.

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So i got the segmented dimmer set up on a box. When i place that box over my real world light I can still see the light shine slightly. I set its value to 1 so it shouldn't be see through still. I used the segmented Dimmer Material and set layer to SegmentedDimmer. Everything seems right just not as dim as i thought it would be.

We can't guarantee that real world lighting and objects will be 100% obscured. However there are a few routes that you could take to get pretty close:

  • Use global dimming along with segmented dimming.

  • Increase the size of the object rendering the dimmer pixels. This may result in more of a drop shadow type of effect around the digital content.

Let me know if this helps.