Can you apply segmented dimming to parts of a frame using the C-API?

Hello! Is there a way to apply segmented dimming to only some of the elements in a frame using the C-API?

It seems like this is possible in Unity (Unity Segmented Dimming Documentation), but the C-API documentation implies that the blend mode is applied to the final frame entirely and can't be applied to specific elements in the frame.

ML2 OS version: B3E.230330.11-R.044
MLSDK version: 1.2.0
Host OS: Windows 10

Happy to have you on the Magic Leap Developer Forum.

Currently, the Magic Leap SDK does not provide APIs for this type of control. Instead developers may be able to achieve this by creating a custom post processing effect that would adjust the frames alpha values before they are submitted for rendering.

You would first clear the frame's alpha values and then selectively re-add the alpha for the object you want to be affected by the segmented dimmer.

That said, I am happy to submit feedback regarding this API to our voice of customer team. If you could include more information about what you are trying to achieve and suggestions on how to improve this feature.

On a side note, I recommend upgrading your Magic Leap OS and SDK to the latest version. :slight_smile: