Building Multi-User ML2 applications with Photon Fusion bumpers do not grab objects

I posted this because I was reading the information in Building Multi-User ML2 applications with Photon Fusion and as I was going through it, it was not working as written.

The last explanation in the following section says that after marker recognition, the controller's bumper can grab the cube, but the cube cannot be grabbed.

Is there a problem with not being able to grab cube?

Where are the applications listed below installed and how do they run? I haven't read all the way to the end yet, but at this point I am not sure because the instructions for operation are suddenly there.

Unity Editor version: 2022.3.11f1
ML2 OS version:1.4.0-dev2
MLSDK version:1.4.0-dev2 (Unity Package 1.11.0)
Host OS: (Windows/MacOS) Windows
Photon Fusion: Fusion SDK 1.1.8 F Build 725

Magic Leap, am I correct in assuming that you will not answer this?

Hi @tokufxug,

Are you receiving any error messages related to this issue?



Hi @tokufxug, the sample only supports short range interactions so you need to place your controller into the object to grab it. However, that is good feedback and we will look into making the objects grabbable from a distance.

Thanks for the reply. I followed your advice and it worked fine.

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