Magic Leap Controller doesn't response to changes from application simulator

I followed the sample project instructions and created a scene with an XR Rig and a Cube. Since I encountered issues with the application simulator, I'm using an older version of the ML2 SDK, version 1.12.1, along with the Application Simulator for Unity. When I initiate the simulation, the cube renders correctly. However, when attempting to select it with my controller, the controller rays swiftly move around the scene before returning to their initial position. It appears that the controller in the simulation is not properly connected to the rig controller. It's worth noting that the red ray does not emanate from the controller, despite following the instructions and ensuring that the controller model is placed within the model parent.

Ray position in simulator

Tutorial I followed:

Unity Editor version: Unity 2022.3.22f1
ML2 OS version: I don't own a device
Unity SDK version: 1.12.1
Host OS: Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19045

Do you mind collecting the logs from the editor after running into the issue? Magic Leap > Save Diagnostics Logs.

Were you able to reproduce this issue from the Magic Leap Example’s scene?

You can also see the following tutorials:

Step 1. Building a Simple App | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Step 2. Simple Grab Interaction | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Here are the logs after running into the issue (23.0 MB)

My recommendation is to follow the tutorials listed above and see if the issue persists. The issue might be related to how the XR rig is configured.

Thank you for the advice.

Unfortunately that didn't solve the problem. I followed the tutorial and still got the same issue. My colleague configured the environment the same way (he used same versions of tools and SDK) and got the same bug.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Were you able to get the Magic Leap 1.12.0 Unity Examples project to work properly?

Unfortunately not. However, I resolved my issue by using the latest version of the Magic Leap SDK and XR simulator. Everything is working correctly now. I was just wondering if the APK, when I build it, will function the same on the device as it does in XR simulation. Could you provide me with any information on that topic?

Hi @uros.mitrovic,

Yes the APK should have a similar behavior to the simulator. Is there any specific behavior that you were concerned about?



Hi @etucker,
I'm concerned about the controller behavior. Since I don't have a device to test it yet, I'm hoping that the XR controller actions and Raycast behavior from the simulator will be similar to the behavior of the APK when it's run on a device.


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