Part 3: Magic Leap 2 marker tracking does not work even though I set it up as per Configure a Custom Networking Scene

When I press the menu button on the Magic Leap 2 to enable the marker tracking function, it enters tracking mode, but the marker in front of me does not track for any length of time.

Comparing the scenes that were already prepared, there were settings that were not in the document. For example, the Event Camera of the Canvas in the Calibration UI of the Marker Tracking Controls and the Main Camera of the Place In Front are not mentioned in the documentation. I suspect that there is an omission in the documentation, as these settings do not work.
Unity Editor version : 2022.3.11f1
ML2 OS version :1.4.0-dev2
MLSDK version :1.4.0-dev2 (Unity Package 1.11.0)
Host OS : (Windows/MacOS) Windows
Photon Fusion : Fusion SDK 1.1.8 F Build 725