[BUG] UE5 Gaze Tracking cuts off screen

When I use the "GetGazeData" blueprint node in EventTick on my pawn (and nothing else) the bottom half of my vision/screen is cut off more often than not. No geometry or anything.

Actually this issue doesn't seem to be restricted to just GetGazeData()

If I try to take a screenshot of it, the issue goes away. But as soon as the screenshot window goes away the problem comes back.

Issue goes away when packaged as Shipping. I think this means then that the printed logs in the top left of the screen cause this.

Hi @rob42lou,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this issue. I have shared this bug with our team. Would you mind sharing a few details to help get this issue to our team for fixing.

  • Unreal version
  • ML2 OS Version
  • ML SDK Version
  • Development OS (e.g. Mac, Windows)




UE: 5.3.2
ML2: 1.50
MLSDK: Most recent.
Dev: Windows

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Hi @rob42lou,

Would you mind sending the logs that are being printed as well along with any errors?

This will help us debug this issue.