ARCloud Setup

When I try to set up the ARCloud with Ubuntu, I get this error when I Reserve a Static IP.
I followed the instructions on AR Cloud Google Cloud Deployment | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

I configured variables in 'setup/'

ERROR: (gcloud.compute.addresses.create) Could not fetch resource:

  • The resource 'projects/your-project-1' was not found

The following is the '' file

K8s cluster

export NAMESPACE="arcloud"
export DOMAIN="arcloud.domain.tld"

Container Registry

export REGISTRY_USERNAME="noreengao"
export REGISTRY_PASSWORD="123456"


export GC_PROJECT_ID="your-project-1"
export GC_REGION="your-region-1"
export GC_ZONE="your-region-zone-1"
export GC_DNS_ZONE="your-dns-zone-1"
export GC_ADDRESS_NAME="your-cluster-ip-1"
export GC_CLUSTER_NAME="your-cluster-name-1"


export AWS_PROFILE="your-profile"
export AWS_ACCOUNT_ID="your-account-id"
export AWS_REGION="your-region"
export AWS_CLUSTER_NAME="your-cluster-name"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "" 22L, 598B

Hello again @ineedhelpty !

In terms of ease of setup would a self contained OVA be better for your needs? The above implies a much deeper integration into your infrastructure and the OVA has all the necessary infrastructure and services pre-configured in a VM for quick use.

Hi @ineedhelpty,

Your GC_PROJECT_ID environment variable appears to be set to your-project-1. Is that the correct project ID shown in your GCP cloud environment? If it does match, and there's a deeper issue at hand, please send an email to and I'll be happy to work with you in a private support ticket to get the problem resolved.

Best Regards,

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Hi, thank you for the earlier response~
I followed up with email and asked another question. I'm thinking it will be faster to ask a question here. it shows "Your current project is [None]" even though there is a project there already. Then I did what you suggested but it still did not work. I attached a screen shot below, do you mind looking into to?

@grichardson @mrushton Hi do you mind helping me with the question above?

Hi @ineedhelpty

I would recommend that we communicate through the private support ticket since the account information we're discussion is potentially sensitive. I can send you a message there so it jumps to the top of your inbox. Would that work for you?

Regarding your most recent screenshot: The output is showing that your CLI user doesn't have permissions to view "my-project-001". I see your current logged in user email address at the top of the screenshot.

  • Does that CLI user match the user account you're using in the web browser to view the project?

If the user account in the web browser appears to be the same as the one in the CLI then we may need to reach out to GCP support to identify the reason for the discrepancy.

But assuming there are two different user accounts, there are two approaches we can take:

  • Create a new project within the permission scope of the CLI user.
  • Update the roles & permissions to grant the CLI user permissions to my-project-001

Let me know which of those approaches might work best for you.

Best Regards,

Hi Gregor,

The CLI user account matches the one I use in the web browser to view the project.



Thanks for the reply @ineedhelpty. The gcloud config seems to be preventing access to the project via CLI even though you showed it works in the web console. You can still try creating a new project and confirming if that new project has the same issue. It's also possible to create the resources manually through the GCP web console, but you shouldn't need to do that.

If it persists then it may be due to an IAM permission setting for your user account. But since the commands you've been having issue with so far all tied to your configuration GCP and gcloud SDK, it may be best to reach out to the GCP support team for assistance on this. They should have visibility into why the resource can't be located. Once they do clarify the GCP issues, please feel free to follow back up with us here in this thread or in the support ticket from earlier. That way we can continue solving for any remaining setup questions you might have.

Best Regards,

Hi Noreen,

I'm following up on your GCP deployment situation. I sent a reply in the private support thread earlier, but I'm posting here in case this is more convenient for you.

Best Regards,