AR Cloud Virtual Machine Installation

I'm trying to install the Image. When I do command for set ip if goes through a process of installing and then when it goes to Installing chart mapping and then if Fails with this error.

Error: release mapping failed, and has been uninstalled do to atomic being set: context deadline exceeded.

This is windows 11 pro machine.

We are sorry you are having this issue. Could you please perform the following steps to give us additional information to help debug the issue.

First, please ssh into the running VM. To get your IP Address, see this link.

Then, in the VM, please run the following command:
kubectl describe pods -A -n arcloud > output.log

Finally, attach the output.log file to this thread in a response.

Quick follow up here, to see if you are still having issues or if you got this resolved. If it is still an issue, please see the steps on creating debug information.

I upgraded the machine to be a bit more powerful and am on the latest Image provided. Things are working better on this more beefier Machine.

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