Video tutorial for the ARCloud setup

Our team is very small and lack DevOps or backend engineers and we would really like to try out ARcloud which we have the licences for but the written tutorials looks way too overcomplicated and on my first few attempts (for Azure and custom deployment), we had no success in setting that up.

Would it be possible to get some more in depth video tutorial from Magic Leap on how to properly set this up and how to use it for noobs like me :slight_smile:

@jc1 In the interim (while we bubble this request up) would this pre-configured VM solution allow you to play around? It is currently what I use for local development workflows and just host it alongside my development environment.

@mrushton, Thanks for the reply and thansk for sharing this. Yer that looks like a bit more simpler to setup and may be good enough to at least try out ARCloud. Myself and my team will look into it and will update if there are any issues.

But yer in mean time it would be great if there was a simpler or a video tutorial on how to setup an infrastructure.

Thanks again

Hi @jc1, if you still need assistance please feel free to send an email to From there I'll be happy to work with you and your team to go over the AR Cloud installation options and to help you get things set up properly.

Best Regards,

Thanks @grichardson, I will do that!