AR cloud not share anchor for other devices

Iam using Anchors" scene in Unity SDK Example
When i create anchor, other device magic leap not load anchor, it work with Local Multi Session Anchors in one device

you can watch video.
Anchors are disapared when switching to local, It not save to ar cloud

When you go to the Spaces application are you localized into a Space under the Cloud tab? If you are under the On-Device Localization tab you are creating an anchors in a non-shared Map / Space. You'll need to create a space on the AR Cloud web dashboard and use it on-device to see anchors propagate to different devices. All devices need to be localized in the same AR Cloud space which you can verify with the spaces tool or programmatically by querying the current localized space name.


you can watch video.
Anchors are disapared when switching to local, It not save to ar cloud

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That helps clarify my question so thank you for the video. Just for my understanding is the behavior you're seeing the following: Device A is on AR cloud localized to a Space and Device A has created + published anchors. Device B is also on AR Cloud and localized to the same space ID as Device A but Device B does not return the anchors you created and published? Also are you using the OVA setup as the AR Cloud provider?

Also can you provide more detail on this statement "Anchors are disapared when switching to local, It not save to ar cloud" If you select the original space when returning to Cloud, do your anchors return?

If this ends up being yes to most of the above questions then would you be willing to share a bug report from both devices and some brief details on what build and how to reproduce this? This should allow me to better triage what is going on.

It looks like you may just be using the stock SDK sample and the OVA which I can try reproduce myself.

for your information, my testing environment below.
AR cloud : ver. OVA1.17.32(on AWS)

ML2 OS: 1.2.0, 1.1.0

test app: Unity Samples -> Anchors scene

  1. select clreated "Shared Space"
    in this case "AUTOGENERATED-1684927159"
  2. run "UnitySDK Examples" app and create Anchors.
    in this case, 2 anchors created
  3. end app "UnitySDK Examples"
  4. Can you see log Anchor : 2
  5. Open Space, switch tab local space, and switch tab "Shared Space", reactive share map
    => see log Anchor :0;
  6. Open Unity Samples -> Anchors scene, don't see anchor
    it same other device
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I follow above comment( I'm co-worker)

  • AR cloud : ver. OVA1.17.32(on AWS)
  • ML2 OS: 1.2.0
  • test app: Unity Samples -> Anchors scene

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@thangpro @TeraGroove Is it fair to say that "ML2 OS: 1.2.0, 1.1.0" means one device is running a different OS version? Is there a chance you can try with both devices on the latest OS? In the meantime I will try and recreate this scenario locally and report back on my findings.

Additionally, if you are comfortable, would you be willing to send us two bug reports (one from each device). I can quickly look to see what errors are happening.

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@thangpro and @TeraGroove , bug reports can be gathered from here:


@thangpro @TeraGroove no urgency to send me a bug report, I have the behavior you described reproduced. Will look into this now and report back soon.

Thanks mrushton-san and sorry for late reply because we are trying different methods.

When I create an Anchor in Shared Map I get an error as in the attached video and the Anchor disappears.
If the Anchor does not disappear like this, you can check the Anchor saved in ARcloud.

Error: GetUnityPose in the Magic Leap API failed. Reason: MLResult_PoseNotFound

  • App: MagiecLeap_Example -> "Anchors" scene
    -- I modified "expirationSeconds = 0(infinity)"
  • ML2OS: 1.2.0
  • ARcloud: OVA 1.17.32 on AWS c5.2xlarge

When I do the same test with the device's local map, the map and anchors are saved normally and continue to be saved even after restarting the device.

We hope your suggestions.

This is video for above post.
Anchor error

Thank you for your patience @TeraGroove @thangpro and your help in narrowing down the problem here, the issue itself appears to be default permissions in the OVA bundle you have.
In the short term the fastest fix would be to SSH to the ova and run the following (from the arcloud user):

kubectl exec -it -n arcloud postgresql-0 -c postgresql -- bash
psql -h localhost -U postgres
\c arcloud
grant select on persistent_pose_mappings to streaming;
grant select on sessions to streaming;

The above should allow your anchors to be seen by all devices and should result in the behavior you were expecting, if this does not resolve the issue please let us know.

Thank you very much for your kind attention,mrushton-san.

Following you suggestion, I updated our ARcloud settings.
so, saving and loading Anchors to ARcloud seems to be SUCCESSFUL.

I think we can move forward with this.

By the way, I modified the command a little because I got an error.

kubectl exec -it -n arcloud postgresql-0 -c postgresql -- psql -h localhost -U postgres -d arcloud -c "grant select on persistent_pose_mappings to streaming; grant select on sessions to streaming;"