AR Cloud - Custom Deployment

I am trying to test AR cloud to run leap brush in my ML2 devices. I choose to custom deploy AR cloud. I am following all the steps but I got to the "Install Certificate Manager" and I am getting the following error

Since the certificate manager is not installed successfully. I got this error when I am setting up AR Cloud

Thank you for your post @john.estrada. Let me look into this and report back here asap.

Hi John,

I'll be happy to help address your issue. It looks like there was an existing value for the cert-manager namespace. If you delete that, the process should be able to proceed. You can use the following command:

kubectl delete namespace cert-manager

Give that a try and then retry the install command. If the issue persists after that then let me know and we can explore it more deeply in a support ticket.

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I tried deleting that namespace, but I do not find that namespace. If I use helm I can see a certificate called cert-manager but the namespace is "default". However, if I listed all the namespace using kubectl. I do not see any certificate named cert-manager. As a result, typing your command it gives me back "namespace not found"

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Hi, John. I sent you a message through the Care portal. We'll work through the problem there.

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Posting a public followup:
I was able to work with @john.estrada to get his install up and running. The initial cert-manager error was due to the namespace already existing. It was resolved by uninstall cert-manager from helm.

helm --namespace cert-manager delete cert-manager