Links to download APKs for Magic Leap 1 to install on Magic Leap 2

I set up a Magic Leap 2 but there were no apps to try out on the device. I searched online and came across a Magic Leap article that explained I could install new apps via the Magic Leap Hub. Now in Magic Leap Hub when I click Install App it is searching for an APK file. Is there a website that Magic Leap owns where I can download some experiences and install them on my Magic Leap 2?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Hi @Jesús, thank you for your post. Please note Magic Leap 1 apps will not work on Magic Leap 2 as they are fundamentally different platforms. But no worries, we will share Magic Leap 2 sample apps with you directly, please be on the lookout for an email with instructions shortly.

Also, we are working on making these Magic Leap 2 sample apps that we'll send you publicly available sometime soon on our developer portal.


Magic Leap Assist is now available and can be downloaded from the Magic Leap 2 Web Browser (Beta) and installed as is.


Thank you for sharing the sample apps. I also created a Blipp AR account and was able to try out their starter projects once I logged in.

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