Opening app using an URL scheme with deep link


Is there any way to open our app on Magic Leap 2 using app schemas with deep links, as is possible on Android devices?

We try to add android:scheme="myapp" to AndroidManifest.xml, use Magic Leap web browser or scan a QR code containing a deep link to open our app with myapp://start/#/text/HelloWorld.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @rp1 This is an interesting question. I talked this over with the team. In short: maybe. This link may help: Handling Android App Links  |  Android Developers
You will likely need a cloud component verifying that the owner of the web site actually delegates to a particular android app to use its urls. If you do get this to work, please keep us updated.

Hi @kdowney ,

Thanks for the quick reply!

Opening our test App using URL schemes from a browser is working fine on Android device already.
However, trying to open the same App with Magic Leap Browser (for testing) does not work.
The App is configured correctly as it's working on Android phones.

Is it possible that URL schemes are not supported on Magic Leap?

We use it on other aspects of our platform, such as the browser, settings, and spaces apps, so I thought perhaps there was a chance. I have not tested within the browser itself if it supports parsing of a link. Additionally, there may be security issues involved preventing this.

I've logged your feedback for our engineering team as a feature to consider, thank you for your input.

Hi @rp1, we looked more into this and currently this feature won't work on Magic Leap 2. The short version is Magic Leap 2 has deep linking, but not the Android App Links support due to a lack of google cloud services.

Can you tell us a little more about your use case? Our engineering team is considering this as a feature for feature release. Thanks again for your valuable input.

Hi @kdowney ,

Sorry for my super late reply.
I just saw the latest LuminOS 1.3.0 contains a QR-Code reader app now.
Which is able to open Apps using a deep link encoded in a QR-Code.

Thanks again,