ZIF library doesnt match after update?

I opened the hub today and got notified of an update so installed it and then I couldn't not play form unity anymore. Zif Library miss match error. 34.20230814 and 34.20230919

anyone else get this?

I am having the same issue here.

Exactly the same here.

Just got my hands on a ML2 and starting setting up the dev-environment today. So thought I’m doing something wrong encountering the error all day.

Help would be appreciated.

Hi @janikows, @jason.odom and @lkgr,

Thank you for raising this issue. I have reached out to our team and we are looking for a solution as quickly as possible. I will keep you updated as soon as I learn more.



Anyone find a work around or a way to roll back changes to a previous working version?

is there a work around fix?

Hi @janikows, @jason.odom and @lkgr,

There was an issue internally that has been resolved. You should be able to update the Hub, MLSDK and ML2 OS and the issue should resolve itself. Thank you for your patience.



my app simulator runtime is empty now after i updated. Where can i find that file on my pc?

Hi @janikows,

Did you update your Application Simulator Runtime from the Package Manager? I was in a similar state to you yesterday and updating with Package Manager now I see my ZIF versions match.


Yes i have the packages installed.

You need to update your Application Simulator Runtime in the Common Packages.

This needs to be updated whenever you update the Unity piece.