MLHub package manager is missing the latest May update for the ZI simulator runtime

So today I decided to upgrade the OS and all latest SDKs. I do what I always do from the MLHub package manager.
However I notice that the ZI runtime simulator latest version is which this is from last month in April which is not compatible with the latest update of the Unity simulator which is 1.7.0. Therefore when I install the appsim tarball in Unity I get:

[ZIF] The ZIF version in the 'com.magicleap.appsim' package (0.0.33) differs from the one in the App Sim runtime (0.0.32).

That happens when the package installed does not match with the path that we set in Unity -> preferences -> Magic leap

But there is no update for the simulator runtime in MLhub for May month so how am I suppose to use the latest Unity simulator???

I did check with ML setup tool and everything I could think of.

Hi @jc1 Thank you for raising this. We are taking a look at this and I will report back.

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Just a note to say we're still looking at this and hope to have an answer soon.

@jc1 Thank you for reporting this. Yes we can confirm you are correct. We have a fix currently scheduled for Wednesday June 14.