WebView on AimSimulator

Hi, I am trying with the WebView Scene from UnitySDKExample and want to test it in AppSimulator. This scene is using the WebView API and it worked perfectly on MagicLeap device. However, when I try to run it on AppSimulator, I got errors:
Error: MLZIPermissionsIsGranted in the Magic Leap API failed. Reason: MLResult_PermissionDenied
You must include com.magicleap.permission.WEBVIEW in AndroidManifest.xml to run this example

When I check the permission, I think they are all set.

Is that true that it API doesn't work on App Simulator or I need to do other settings. Also, if it not, are there any recommended plugin that works for both App Simulator and Magic Leap device?

Hi @yanghouze,

The Magic Leap WebView API is not available outside of the Magic Leap. It does not work in the App Simulator. If this functionality is required, I recommend looking at 3rd party solutions such as Vuplex.