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Hi, I am new to unity development in magic leap 2. I am currently looking for a method to display an interactable webpage in unity. However, the open source WebViewObject seems not working on magic leap, are there any other possible solution other than purchasing the plugin from unity asset store? (I am not sure if they works on magic leap 2 and they are all expensive.)

Any tips/comments are highly appreciate.

Hi @yanghouze,

Are you receiving any error messages when using the WebView? What issues are you running into?

Could you provide a few more details as well?

  • Unity Editor version
  • ML2 OS Version
  • ML SDK Version
  • Development OS (e.g. Mac, Windows)

I am on unity 22.3.17 f1, and I am using windows 10. I am using magic leap 2 and using MLSDK 1.5. When I try to run the sample scene from the WebViewObject in unity, it shows error that "Webview is not supported on this platform". As I need to use Aim Simulation to test my project, I have to use unity editor to run the scene which may not be avoidable.

They have if statement like this in their code:

        Debug.LogError("Webview is not supported on this platform.");

And when I print out my platform in my magic leap project, it also showed UNITY_EDITOR so I don't think the plugin is runnable.

You are correct. The Magic Leap WebView API is not available outside of the Magic Leap. If this functionality is required, I recommend looking at 3rd party solutions such as Vuplex.

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