Voice Commands - Sudden crashes/Voice recognition errors

ML2 OS: 1.1.0
ML Hub: ML Hub Version
ML2 Unity SDK: 1.3.0

The Voice recognition application is not robust in noisy anviroment. It suddenly freeze when sorrounding noise is present, sometime it perceives commands from external users and not from the user wearing the ML2 glasses.

Thank you for your post @filo.cino. I've logged your feedback. Question: Are you using the Magic Leap sample scene/code downloadable through the Hub?

Thanks for your comment @kdowney :wink: Yes, I am with some minor modifications to match the desired command outputs.

We appreciate your valuable feedback @filo.cino. I talked to our Product team to best capture this. Questions for you so we can understand this better and discuss with our Engineering team:

  1. Can you tell us a little more the environmental noise type (for example, loud machinery vs coffee shop vs expo vs wind)?
  2. Did the Voice intent not work at all unless being reboot or disabled/re-enabled?

Thank you for your time and input, this will help us.