Usage with glasses jumps between focal planes - can that be turned off?


I have ported my employers brain-surgery-assistant app from HL2 to ML2 as a kind of after hours side project, and the surgeons are quite pleased with the result. The issue is that MOST of the surgeons are a bit older, so they usually wear glasses. With the fit kit I am able to make that work, but the issue is that at least for some of them, the focal plane seems to jump forward and backward. I have noticed the same when I just got the device - I went to get myself contacts for development use, but that's not an option for the surgeons.

Long introduction: short question: can I somehow set the ML2 to just use one focal plane or distance, or in any case make the jump forward and backward stop? Because it's apparently nauseating to at least one of the surgeons.

Hi @localjoost,

The focal plane jumping is happening with the fit kit lenses in?



Hi El,

Thanks for responding. Nope, not using insets, but the surgeon in question is wearing regular glasses. Using the thick distance holder and one of the larger nose clips, this actually works pretty well. Only, then the focal plane seems to jump forward and backward, making the surgeon nauseous, which is quite undesirable when you are poking is someone's brain ;). I have noticed it myself as well when I try to use the ML2 with glasses - usually I wear contacts developing for the ML2, and clearly see the difference.

Is there a way to stop the focal plane jumping? Most surgeons wear glasses, apparently.

Unfortunately, no. The ML2 does not support headset use with glasses and is not recommended.

I may not be recommended, but I can tell you sure as hell it's very much desired. I would suggest strongly looking into it. I mean, hand tracking used to be a joke, and is now pretty good. I can't imagine me being the only one having this ask. And yes, I know, Apple is following your insets route, but I don't see Vision Pro being used in operating theaters anytime soon.

Thank you for your feedback. I'll be sure to let our team know about your request for support for glasses.



Thank you. Like I said, if that focal plane jumping could be turned off, I would already be greatly helped. If you having something to test, I am very willing to help testing, and so are our surgeons :slight_smile:

Cheers, and all the best for 2024!