Unity build doens't recognize controller tracking

Are there are any other requisites for getting the controller to track on the Unity build? The headset works find in the build, just not the controller. I've checked the CONTROLLER_POSE permission. And I've tried controllers using the Device-based and Action-based XR controller script. I've used the controller prefab included in the MLSDK. I've also copied the project settings from the examples project with the working controller tracking, but that didn't work either. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Unity Editor version : 2022.2.0b4
MLSDK version : 0.53.2


Fixed it by using the 'XR rig' prefab instead of the controller prefab. The controller prefab worked before in a previous build of the project, so I don't know how this fixed it.

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Thank you for updating us!

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