Controller not connecting workaround?

I noticed in the known issues for 1.5.0 Unity MRTK there's an issue with the controller not connecting properly unless you pause and go back into the app. Is there a work around for this? Maybe reinitializing somehow?

Unity Editor version: 2022.2.12
ML2 OS version: latest
MLSDK version: latest

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Hi @rob42lou, It appears its a sporadic issue but we noted as it came up in our testing for our controller MRTK sample. We don't have a workaround, but are actively working on a fix. I'll share more when we have a timeline for an expected solution.

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@kdowney Can you provide an update on the fix?
We are seeing this happen consistently about 90% of the time and it looks like we need to downgrade 8 devices to get it stable again. We prefer not to do this L)
Our setup is MRTK3, XRI on 2020.2.1

@westert @rob42lou Thank you for raising this. I can confirm we have a fix for this issue in our next release targeted for April 19. We'll post a note alerting the developer community the issue has been fixed.

The new 1.6.0 release still has this bug under known issues - so it hasn't been solved?

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