Support of "AR Foundations" functionalities in ML2

Give us as much detail as possible regarding the issue you're experiencing:

Unity Editor version: Unity 2022.3.21f1
ML2 OS version: Version 1.5.0 ; Build B3E.231116.09-R.096 ; Android API Level 29
Unity SDK version: 2.1.0
Host OS: Windows

A few weeks back, I had attempted to implement an app which utilized 2D image tracking in 3D space. This feature is provided by AR Foundations. Moreover, it is a feature written listed in Magic Leap 1. Unfortunately I don't have access to that device to test it.
That being said, I implemented the example provided in the AR Foundations [documentation about image tracking]((AR Tracked Image Manager component | AR Foundation | 6.0.1), but it didn't perform the functionality I wanted it to. I used the same code by scanning markers instead and it worked seamlessly.

Overall, I would want to ask:

  1. Does ML 2 currently support image tracking?
  2. Will it support image tracking in the future innately?
  3. Is the recommended approach (for now and in the future) to utilize different libraries which support image tracking, outside of AR Foundations?.

Thank you for your time.

Currently the Magic Leap SDK does not support Image Tracking. If image tracking is a requirement, we recommend using 3rd party libraries such as Vuforia.

That said, if you provide more details about your application and why Image targets are preferred over Image Targets please let us know and I can forward your request to the voice of customer team.