About the features that were in Magic Leap 1

Image Tracking and Found Objects, which were present in Magic Leap 1, do not appear to be present in Magic Leap 2.

Will Image Tracking and Found Objects be added to Magic Leap 2 in the future?

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@tokufxug I have been interested in the exact same thing. I found the following in the API Reference for 0.53.2 but have not had a chance to do any coding using it:


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@evolvingtech Thanks for the reply, I see that the Image Tracking API for Magic Leap 2 is provided.
@sengelman @kbabilinski It appears that the Image Tracking API for Magic Leap 2 is provided, but there is no Image Tracking in the Examples and I can't find any examples of Image Tracking usage in the Developer Portal.Are there any plans from Magic Leap to provide MLImageTracking Examples or development instructions in the future?

Sadao Tokuyama

@tokufxug and @evolvingtech :

Image Tracking is planned, but will not be released for a few months. A specific timeframe is hard to identify, but yes, it's definitely coming.

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@sengelman I am aware of the planned release of Image Tracking, which I believe can be replaced by Marker Tracker . I think the developers see Image Tracking as a fundamental feature of AR.

I personally feel uncomfortable with the lack of an Image Tracking API at this time, but I hope that you will take the time to provide a quality Image Tracking API rather than rushing to release one.