Runtime debugging

I am currently trying to debug a Unity app at runtime, but I'm encountering some issues.

I have attempted to attach both Rider and Visual Studio, and when I press the volume button to start my debugging session, I am unable to hit any breakpoints in Visual Studio. While I am able to step through and hit breakpoints in Rider, I am unable to retrieve any values from variables.
When I hover over a variable, I receive a message stating that "this request is not supported by the protocol version implemented in the debuggee."

I'm hoping to find someone here who has successfully debugged their Unity ML2 apps and might have some insight on the problem I'm running into!

Hi @boris.blosse,

Unfortunately we don't have much insight on this issue since it occurs on the Unity Editor side. Is your Rider Application updated to the latest release? Is your Unity Editor is configured correctly : Unity - Manual: Debug C# code in Unity

If you are debugging the application at runtime. I recommend using Android Studio